Different Folk, Different Strokes!

So, this is an entry that has only been in my head for a few days so it isn’t as well planned out as I’d like.

I discovered a vlogger/blogger yesterday who shall remain nameless. They have been on the scene for longer than I have and have a very strong following which is great.

I was reading their back story. What they had previously done work-wise, how they discovered vlogging and what they do now to generate an income from their passion of vlogging.

Allowing other bloggers/vloggers advertising space on their home page at a price, allows them to continue what they do – full time and also promote the works of others.

I wanted this blog to be engaging to my readers so I’m asking your opinion on the topic: what is your opinion on making money from blogging/vlogging? and where does the line get crossed from it being a creative outlet to a business?

I’d love to know your thoughts. Just for the record, I am completely neutral on the topic and am in no way intending on being critical or judgemental so please be positive in your comments, no negativity in this space!



We are all Marilyn

The last few weeks have presented me with a huge challenge.  I’ve met and come across women who are really struggling in themselves, in terms of their appearance and what they see versus reality.

Why now? Why all of a sudden?  I have a theory and it goes a little something like this.  Clue number one: summer is approaching.  Clue two: skimpy clothes and impossibly tiny bikinis are the order of the day.  Clue three: media dictates and in fact boasts that being a “flawlessly” skinny, size zero is the norm and anything outside these parameters is not socially acceptable.

Gone are the frolicking,care-free, iconic images of Marilyn Munro.  No more are we told that attractive is a confideimg-thingnt smile, and well proportioned figure.  We’ve been stripped of the thought that we CAN wear a bathing suit if we are bigger than a size 10.  The sheer thought of baring our legs dimpled with cellulite sends a panic through us like lightning.

I’m writing this because I want to challenge these mindsets.  Who authorises these so-called “ideals”? Who has the right to tell me that I have to cover up in 25 degree heat? When did bones equal beauty? When did skinny become sexy?

I have met so many beautiful woman who have gorgeous figures (and not from air brushing!) but their light has been dimmed due to what society dictates they should look like.  This inturn, has a ripple effect on their confidence, they shy away, continually wearing black, drab clothing psychologically hiding in the crowd, instead of glowing like the wonderful women they are.

My point is, this summer, I challenge every woman who reads this, myself included, to embrace your shape, your size and just you as a significant human being.

Lucie x

Hurry up Holiday!

It is 12 days before my partner and I jet off to Tunisia.  Having not had a holiday in 2 years, it is definitely long overdue!

The area we are travelling to is Hammamet – known as the first tourist destination of Tunisia.

When speaking to people about their experiences in Hammamet, they tell me it’s like walking through one big garden with the vast lemon, orange and olive trees that grow – perfect! The relaxing atmosphere with white sandy beaches and the waves gently lapping against the shore is one of the many reasons why Hammamet is such a poplular tourist spot not to mention at a very reasonable price.

What I am most looking forward to is learning a new culture.   I’ve heard it is not hard to get a glimpse into Tunisian ways as they are a proud people and do not bend with the changes times- somthing I am really looking forward to experiencing for 10 days.

Once I come back from my adventure, I will be sure to share all my pictures, experiences and most importantly, the things I’ve learned while there.   i can guarantee it will be a much longer read than this little passage but I wouldn’t want to spoil you too much! x

Eat, Drink AND be Merry!

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Josef Koudelka

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Why Does Photography Matter?

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Christmas Card Making

As we are all well aware by now, Christmas is well and truly just around the corner (-4 Sundays time to be exact!), and it’s time to begin thinking about writing Christmas cards to our nearest and dearest.

Making my own Christmas cards myself this year, here are some tips I’ve learned along the way:

  • Make sure you have plenty of stamps, envelopes and cards
  • Don’t worry about making a long speech – short and sweet works just as well
  • Aim to post at the end of November otherwise you risk them not getting there on time.
  • It’s nice to use your own writing as a personal touch, it might take more time but people will appreciate the extra effort

Don’t forget also, that you would be making a completely bespoke, one of a kind card for the special people in your world and that says more than any generic card could. So on the right is my first attempt at card making, I still have a way to go before but for a first attempt I have to say it’s not too shabby! x